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At New Hampshire Comprehensive Treatment Centers, we put forth every effort to ensure that the treatment that our patients receive is personalized to meet their unique needs.

In order to accomplish this, customized treatment plans are developed so that each patient can work toward achieving his or her specific recovery goals.

Because the care that we provide is so highly individualized, the cost of each patient’s treatment will vary based on the services that are incorporated into his or her unique plan. All costs are discussed with patients prior to the start of treatment. The price for the initial intake assessment, the price for the medication that will be used during treatment, and the price for any therapeutic services, as well as the method of payment that will be used, will all be discussed and agreed upon before any services are rendered.

If patients plan to use insurance to cover the cost of their care, their insurance coverage must be checked and verified for eligibility by the staff at New Hampshire Comprehensive Treatment Centers. Patients must be willing to pay for services upfront, unless they are told otherwise by our staff. In many cases, an upfront payment will be required, and then patients can submit invoices to their insurance companies for possible reimbursement. Medicaid may also be used for payment at New Hampshire Comprehensive Treatment Centers, but the coverage of such benefits will likewise have to be verified before treatment can begin.

The following additional methods of payment are accepted at New Hampshire Comprehensive Treatment Centers:

  • Cash
  • Money order
  • Cashier’s check

Unfortunately, personal checks and payments made over the phone are not accepted.

To discuss your specific needs and the potential cost for your treatment, please contact the knowledgeable intake staff at New Hampshire Comprehensive Treatment Centers.